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Thanks for swinging in and saying hi!  I’m Lindsey and I’m a Corporate America Drop Out!  I tend to live my life with what feels good compared to what is popular.  I love the 3 S’s… Sarcastic, Sassy, and Straight Forward.  I’m a redhead, I really can’t help it.

I’m a life coach and I enjoy using my superpower listening skills to really hear the struggle women experience when they’ve gone through divorce or are still single and frustrated because you thought you should be married by xyz age by showing that it’s ok to break the rules to honor what feels good in their own skin.

So what do you expect when you work with me?  My clients will be comfortable in their skin and celebrating who they are in the new life they’ve created.

We work together to find the freedom that divorce, single life, and not living up to societies rules of when we should be married and have a family offers in creating a completely kick ass life.

So why am I a good fit for you as a coach? I bring some serious sass, I’m sarcastic, and I’m no bs when it comes to holding my clients accountable to themselves to reach that ultimate life they want to live.  My ultimate goal for our coaching together is getting you the results you want.  If you work well with love at times and tough love at other times, I’m the right coach for you.

I’ve had quite the life.  I’ve cancelled my wedding a month before because honestly it was the right place and the right time, but not the right guy.  I believed I needed to be married by 30 or I would never be married.  So when I was knocking on the door of 30 I was dying to get married, so my long term boyfriend and I decided it was a brilliant idea (insert eye roll).  I know what it feels like to be in those Jimmy Choo’s and girlfriend you don’t need to do it.  I promise it’s ok and life is way better on the other side of cancelled or divorced.  

I have learned so many lessons from my “runaway bride” experience that I’m a way better human because of it.  I have adopted two giraffes.  One is in a reserve in Africa and the other is at the Woodland Zoo in Seattle Washington. I’m able to watch him on the Giraffe Barn Cam which is AWESOME, by the way. I have two kittens, Pepper Potts and Toni Stark (ok you caught me, I’m an Ironman fan) and soon to add a puppy.  YAY!!

Are you really ready to STOP WISHING and START LIVING?  Let’s get crackin!!!



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