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Thanks for swinging in and saying hi!  I’m Lindsey and I’m a Corporate America Drop Out!  I tend to live my life with what feels good compared to what is popular.  I love the 3 S’s… Sarcastic, Sassy, and Straight Forward, so expect coaching to have the same spice mixed in. I’m a redhead, I really can’t help it.

My boyfriend and I have adopted two giraffes.  One is in a reserve in Africa and the other is at the Woodland Zoo in Seattle Washington. We are able to watch him on the Giraffe Barn Cam which is AWESOME, by the way. We have two kittens, Pepper Potts and Toni Stark (ok you caught me, I’m an Ironman fan) as well as a dog named Jodee.

Ready for the next level of life? Let’s get crackin!!!